The Platform

Case Study Volkswagen

Volkswagen Group of America

The Challenge

Volkswagen was manually creating customized event kits for hundreds of training sessions held across the country each year.

The Solution

Tap into Volkswagen’s event management data stream to automatically deliver the right materials to the right location — before the event begins.

The Story

Volkswagen is a forerunner in the automotive and advertising industries. So with thousands of employees representing their Audi, Volkswagen, and Ducati brands, it’s imperative they maintain a highly knowledgeable workforce.

That’s why they offer classes to new hires and current employees on subjects ranging from sales training to transmission repair.

Until they jumped on our Platform, Volkswagen was manually inputting the variable printing, assembly, and distribution instructions for materials across their entire database of hundreds of classes, locations, times, and instructors.

We gained access to Volkswagen’s training schedule. We integrated its data into our platform. And now, that platform serves as their automated process that orders materials, then prints, assembles, and ships them to classrooms and dealerships across the nation.