The Platform

Case Study Virginia Hospital Center

Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group

The Challenge

The Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group’s individual practices were each funneling new collateral orders through one point of contact at the hospital resulting in massive logistical and management challenges.

The Solution

Implement a web-based collateral management ecommerce system to distribute access, provide self-service ordering, and dynamically display and brand template-driven collateral based on user login while still allowing for approved customizations to relevant collateral materials by end-users.

The Story

The Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group is a multi-specialty group of 26 practices comprised of over 130 members of primary care physicians and a wide range of specialists located across northern Virginia.

All of the orders and invoices for the 130+ members–for business cards, prescription pads, letterhead, notepads, and more–were being funneled to one individual in the Physician Services group. The volume of requests and logistics of approvals alone were challenging to say the least.

Additionally, many of the practices were also requesting slight changes to the design or layout when placing orders which introduced an additional level of complexity while also requiring a review of each request to ensure brand guidelines were being followed.

More Vang worked closely with the Physician Services team to analyze the collateral orders to identify all the customization variations in the context of the Group’s brand guidelines and consolidate the collateral into one approved template-based version of each collateral piece with customizability where appropriate.

More Vang then implemented the Platform to give each practice web-based, self-service access to the approved templates, allow them to customize within the constraints set by the brand, place orders, get approvals when required, and get billed directly.

The resulting benefits to the Group included:

  • Significant time savings for the Physician Services point of contact since she no longer has to serve as order manager or invoice distributor for the practices
  • Faster ordering and fulfillment since the practices can now access the web-based storefront on demand and place their orders immediately whenever and wherever they need to
  • Increased accuracy in accounting and billing since orders are immediately invoiced and emailed directly to the user who places the order
  • Reduction in re-orders due to typos or non-brand guideline issues since all collateral is now templatized and requires a real-time, online proofing step prior to the order being placed

We are thrilled with the online print store More Vang created! More Vang’s online store is user-friendly and it has saved our managers time by creating a seamless and efficient ordering process for our team.

Kristen Peifer
Director, Network Development