The Platform

Case Study Hertz


The Challenge

Hertz needed to manage the ordering and distribution of marketing collateral, including orders for tens of thousands of coupons containing club-specific discount codes, to locations throughout North America while tracking year-to-date volume for each club.

The Solution

A web-based, self-service template that provides a way for AAA clubs to place orders for marketing collateral directly with More Vang resulting in faster delivery, open communication on order status and delivery times, and automatic coupon code tracking and reporting.

The Story

Hertz is a leading player in the automobile rental industry and is the exclusive car rental company for AAA. As such, it offers a number of discounts, benefits and promotions to AAA members. Because there are many AAA clubs, each with different club names and discount codes, the coupons need to reflect this information to ensure that any given market does not exceed an annual maximum volume.

Before the Platform, Hertz was manually creating and tracking coupon volume through an overwhelming system of spreadsheets. The system was inefficient and time consuming.

Since launching on the Platform, more than 2,500 employees at retail locations across the nation and Canada have used the Platform to order millions of coupons, which are automatically coded based on their location. Many AAA regional markets order hundreds of thousands of these coupons at a time.

The More Vang Platform has streamlined the entire process for Hertz. It allows Hertz to get coupons into the hands of its customers more quickly, and more efficiently than ever before.

Hope Effross

Our new ordering system gives me the ability to review and track orders in “real-time”, which is a huge benefit, and frees up my time to concentrate on other tasks.

Hope Effross
Associate Manager, AAA Sales and Marketing for the Hertz Corporation